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About the Federal Ocean Expenditures Data

The Administration Ocean Budget Dataset consists of Federal Ocean and Coastal Expenditures (civilian investments) categorized by federal departments and/or the lower subagencies (excluding military activities). These data show increases, decreases, and funding trends from FY2000-2006. Data have been collected from the Office of Management and Budget's (OMB) biennial Federal Ocean and Coastal Activities Report. Data are available for download in both nominal and year 2000 dollars. See Federal Expenditures Terms for definitions of highlighted terms.

NOEP also has constructed the Ocean Time Series Dataset, that includes as many federal ocean and coastal expenditures as could be determined between 1970 and 2006.

Dataset Construction Methodologies

Administration Ocean Budget Dataset

  • In 2002, the OMB issued mandates to Federal U.S. agencies to begin requiring their submission of annual budgets for any and all ocean and coastal programs.
  • These budgets are compiled to create the Federal Ocean and Coastal Activities Report volumes.
  • These reports, and the Administration Ocean Budget Dataset derived from them, contain estimates. The 2005 volume of the Federal Ocean and Coastal Activities Report, for example, includes "actual" numbers for 2004, "enacted" numbers for 2005, and the "budget request" for 2006. Such estimates are clearly labeled within the downloadable documents, as well as the search pages and resulting graphs.

NOEP Ocean Time Series Dataset

  • The NOEP reviewed every third Budget of the United States Government volume beginning with FY1970. From those documents it attempted to extract ocean and coastal related programs for each year, thereby creating a time series data set of historical ocean funding. Military spending is not included.
  • Data from the Federal Ocean and Coastal Activities Report volumes were added to incorporate data up to FY2006.
  • This data set contains estimates because not every fiscal year budget was reviewed, so "actual" numbers only appear for some years; others are "enacted" and "budget request(s)". Such estimates are clearly labeled within the downloadable documents, as well as the search pages and resulting graphs.

Dataset Agencies

Administration Ocean Budget Dataset

The following table lists the agencies and programs accounted for in the Administration Ocean Budget Dataset:

U.S. Executive Department U.S. Agency Sub Agency, Bureau, Account and/or Program
Department of Agriculture Agriculture Research Service  
Cooperative State Research, Education and Extension Service
Natural Resources Conservation Service
Department of Commerce National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
National Ocean Service
National Marine Fisheries Service
Oceanic and Atmospheric Research
National Weather Service
NOAA Marine and Aviation Operations
National Environmental Satellite, Data and Information Service
Program Support
National Institute of National Standards and Technology  
Department of Defense Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency  
The Center of Excellence for Research in Ocean Sciences
Office of the Secretary of Defense
Department of the Army U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Department of the Navy  
Department of Energy Office of Science  
Office of Fossil Fuel Research and Development
Environmental Protection Agency Office of Water  
Office of International Affairs
Office of Air and Radiation
Office of Research and Development
Department of Homeland Security United States Coast Guard  
Federal Emergency Management Agency
Department of the Interior United States Geological Survey  
Bureau of Land Management
Minerals Management Service
National Park Service
Natural Resource Damage Assessment and Restoration Program
Fish and Wildlife Service
Marine Mammal Commission (independent U.S. agency)    
National Aeronautic and Space Administration    
National Science Foundation Directorate for Geosciences  
Division of Ocean Sciences
Office of Biological Sciences
Division of Environmental Biology
Division of Integrative Organismal Biology
Division of Molecular and Cellular Biosciences
Division of Biological Infrastructure
Division of Emerging Frontiers
Smithsonian Institution    
Department of State and USAID Bureau of Oceans and international Environmental and Scientific Affairs  
International and Organization and Programs
Contributions to International Organizations
United States Agency for International Development
Department of Transportation St. Lawrence Seaway Development Corporation  
Maritime Administration
Department of Treasury    

updated 6-Sep-2007