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Guide to the Measurement of the Market Data for the Ocean and Coastal Economy
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This section of the website contains a subset of economic values in the Ocean and Coastal economies derived from market transactions.  For information regarding those values not determined by markets, please see the Non-Market section.

A guide to the NOEP Market database is available on the Market Data FAQs page. For more detailed information, see the Guide to the Measurement of the Market Data for the Ocean and Coastal Economy, a PDF document containing the FAQs and background information explaining the terms and boundaries and exposing the data collection methodology.

The Ocean Economy data for the years beyond 2004 were generated by NOAA's Office of Coastal Management. All other Ocean and Coastal Economy data were compiled by the National Ocean Economics Program.

Available Features:

OceanEconomy Sector & Industry Data includes six primary sectors of economic activity that derives all or part of its inputs from the ocean and/or Great Lakes. These economic activities are grouped into sectors and their component industries, as defined by NOEP, to delineate the OceanEconomy. For more information regarding Ocean Sectors and Industries, see Sector and Industry Definitions.

Coastal Economy Sector Data consist of all economic activity in the coastal region from barber shops to surf shops. The industries that represent these activities are aggregated into the supersectors defined by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. These supersectors are available in different geographic subsets of the coastal region and comprise the NOEP Coastal Economy. See What is the difference between the OceanEconomy and the Coastal Economy? for more information.

Geographic Regions available in the OceanEconomy are the nation, and the thirty coastal states and their counties. The economic indicators of the ocean sectors and industries are derived from different geographic areas, depending on the industry definition and the resource classifications. Some sectors, such as Tourism & Recreation, are aggregated from Near Shore regions, while others depend on coastal counties for valuation. See How is "ocean" defined? for more information.

The Coastal Economy includes Near Shore areas as well as Shoreline, Coastal, and Watershed county aggregates. These areas are further defined in How is "coast" defined?

Economic Indicators found in the OceanEconomy and Coastal Economy data are the number of establishments, employment, wages, and State Gross Domestic Product (GDP). For more information, see How are the Ocean and Coastal Economies measured?

updated 22-May-2022