About NOEP Population and Housing Data

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The NOEP demographics database contains population and housing data for the coastal states and counties from the 1970 to 2010 censuses, with yearly estimates from 2001 to 2019. Population and housing data are also available for zip codes adjacent to the shoreline for 1990 and 2000.

Population & housing data may be selected for the U.S., all coastal states, individual coastal states, and coastal counties. Additionally, data may be selected from the database by shoreline regions . Optional coastal regions can also be selected for output of shoreline, coastal zone, watershed, and other county totals. Population & housing densities and area square miles options also available for all selections.

Population and housing data are gathered from the U.S. Census Bureau online databases for all coastal counties and states. Coastal counties are those defined by the coastal states in accordance with the Coastal Zone Management Act of 1972, which includes the Great Lakes states. U.S. national population and housing data also are provided for the above years for comparison.

For recent years, the data are extracted from the Census's data tables using their Application Programming Interface (API) and are compiled into the NOEP database. Estimates for the Virgin Islands are compiled from other sources, when available.

Land areas, in square miles, are also available from the Population and Housing search pages. These areas represent the dry land totals and exclude lakes, rivers, and other major bodies of water. Land area values are compiled from the U.S. Census Bureau and ESRI GIS tables.

updated 4-Jul-2020