Environmental & Recreational (Non-Market) Values - References and Tools

References - Recommended Reading

There are many good sources, both hard copy and on-line to learn about the terms and methods of environmental economics and environmental valuation. NOEP recommends the following texts:

Introduction to Non-Market valuation:
Champ, P.A., K. J. Boyle and T. C. Brown. 2003. A Primer on Nonmarket Valuation. Kluwer Academic Publishers.

More Advanced Reading on Non-Market Valuation:
Haab, T.C. and K.E. McConnell. 2002. Valuing Environmental and Natural Resources: The Econometrics of Non-Market Valuation. Edward Elgar Publishing.

Freeman A.M. 1993. The Measurement of Environmental and Resource Values: Theory & Methods. Resources for the Future.

General Readings on Environmental Economics and Policy:
Freeman, A.M., P.R. Portney, R. N. Stavins, and N. Robert. 2000. Public Policies for Environmental Protection. Resources for the Future.

Freeman, A.M., R.H. Haveman, and A.V. Kneese. 1984. Economics of Environmental Policy. Krieger Publishing Co.

Grafton, R.Q., L.H. Pendleton, and H.W. Nelson. 2001. A Dictionary of Environmental Economics, Science, and Policy. Edward Elgar, Northhampton, MA.

Tietenberg, T. 2006. Environmental Economics and Policy-Fifth Edition. Addison Wesley. Menlo Park, California.

Links to Non-Market Environmental Values Websites & Databases

NOAA's Coastal and Ocean Resource Economics - http://www.ppi.noaa.gov/economics/

Beneficial Use Values Database (BUVD), UC Davis - http://http://buvd.ucdavis.edu/

Ecosystem Market Place - http://www.EcosystemMarketplace.com

Ecosystem Valuation - http://www.ecosystemvaluation.org/uses.htm

Environmental Valuation & Cost-Benefit News - http://EnviroValuation.org/

Environmental Valuation Reference Inventory (EVRI) - https://www.evri.ca/Global/HomeAnonymous.aspx

New South Wales EPA EnValue - http://www.environment.nsw.gov.au/envalueapp/

NOAA Fisheries: Office of Science and Technologies - http://www.st.nmfs.noaa.gov/

updated 10-Nov-2008