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This website allows the user to access the data used to assess socio-economic vulnerabilities to sea level rise discussed in Colgan, et. Al. Climate Change Vulnerability in the Mid-Atlantic Region. For more information see http://midatlanticocean.org/report-assesses-mid-atlantic-coasts-economic-vulnerability-to-climate-change/

This data is also available for display in the online mapping application of the MARCO data portal here: http://midatlanticocean.org/data-portal

To obtain data for vulnerability data, choose the regions you want and add other filters to narrow your search.

  • Start by selecting a state or region from the Mid-Atlantic States list. This populates the Regions & Counties section with a list of available state and county options - State Totals are automatically selected.
  • In the Regions & Counties list, select or unselect the counties and regions to define your query, The default State Totals option retrieves the overall state averages. The State All Counties entry is used to retrieve all of the selected data for the state and vulnerable counties. Individual counties are listed and can also be included in your selection.
  • The Vulnerability Indicators options default to All Indicators. The list of values retrieved with this selection is long, so targeting specific indicators is suggested unless downloading the data for analysis.
  • Scenarios are the estimated vulnerabilities for a sea level rise of 3 feet, 6 feet, or Both.
  • The retrieved Output can either be displayed on a web page or downloaded as a comma delimited TXT file for import into analysis software. Displayed data contain only state and county rankings. Supporting data items are included in the downloaded files, along with a list of data attributes and definitions.
  • Click the Start Search button to submit your query.
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