Environmental & Recreational (Non-Market) Values - Overview

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The marine environment faces many serious threats.

Pressure from overfishing, coastal development, and toxic runoff, as well as the impacts directly caused by climate change, imperil many of our most precious ocean and coastal resources. While national land treasures such as Yosemite Valley and Yellowstone Park are some of the most prominent symbols of our natural heritage, marine ecosystems such as the Florida Keys, the Carolina Coastline, the Channel Islands, and the Monterey Bay are equally majestic. They are home to some of the country's greatest biodiversity, breathtaking beauty, and thrilling recreational opportunities, all of which contribute tremendous economic value to society and are worthy of protection.

The NOEP Non-Market Valuation Database can play an important role in understanding these values.

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This site provides information to help economists, policymakers, students, and other citizens and professionals navigate the world of Non-Market valuation research in order to find value estimates critical to policy decisions about the management of coastal and marine resources. The database provides the most comprehensive collection of Non-Market valuation studies available that scientifically document environmental and recreational values of marine ecosystems.

The literature included in this database is compiled through a highly selective process. The collection includes valuation studies (primary data and peer reviewed papers), technical reports, working papers, and book chapters that deal specifically with environmental and recreational values of coastal and marine resources in the United States and abroad. Please contact us for additions and suggestions to the database.

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It is important to note that while many of the tools utilized in Non-Market valuation are highly technical—most often carried out by those with PhD's in economics and statistics—the section on "What You Should Know (FAQs)" can help members of the general public better understand the analytical methods, and "Influencing Public Policy" shows how the findings can be used to influence policy for coastal and marine protection.

Site Features

Valuation Studies provides a facility for searching the Non-Market database studies using a wide range of selection criteria, including title, author, year, methodologies, and keyword searches. The database includes a brief abstract of each study or report, and a link to the published work, when available.

Valuation Estimates provides a summary of the Non-Market valuation studies in the database using the categories of beaches, recreational fishing, coastal and marine wildlife viewing, scuba diving and snorkeling, environmental services, and non-use values, and further divides the studies within each category by geographical location.

Methodology Definitions contains short descriptions of the methodologies used in the Non-Market valuation literature.

What You Should Know (FAQs) contains frequently asked questions and suggestions on using Non-Market values to estimate the value of coastal and ocean resources.

Influencing Public Policy includes case studies of how Non-Market values have influenced public policy, and scenarios in which Non-Market values can be used to inform a variety of coastal and ocean management decisions.

References and Links contains references of important texts, and links to other Non-Market websites.

updated 7-Jul-2012