Marine Natural Resources

NOEP's Marine Natural Resources section contains a full range of the most current economic information available on the uses of living and mineral resources of the coastal waters.

Living Marine Resources

Commercial Fisheries Commercial Fisheries contains a searchable database of the landing weights and values for the U.S. commercial marine and Great Lakes fisheries industry since 1950. The Top Ten Species search pages provide an easy way to locate, by region, state, and year, the top 10 species. The Commercial Species search pages provide selection of the landed weights and values by species as well as by region, state, and year.

Aquaculture Database Aquaculture and mariculture industry data is available, along with terms, links, and background information on U.S. aquaculture legislation. The Mariculture Data Search provides downloadable data on U.S. mariculture production by type, since 1983.

Offshore Mineral Resources

Offshore Oil & Gas Offshore Oil & Gas production of the U.S. Outer Continental Shelf (OCS) and state waters is presented with industry definitions and links to source information. The searchable database includes the crude and condensate oil and natural gas volumes and prices for all offshore regions and producing states, as well as national totals, from 1970 to 2004.


updated 24-Jul-2007