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U.S. Federal Aquaculture Legislative History

1954: Saltonstall-Kennedy Act provides authority for NOAA to award contracts, grants, or cooperative agreements for fisheries research and development projects addressing any aspect of US fisheries, including but not limited to harvesting, processing, aquaculture, marketing, and associated infrastructures.

1968: National Sea Grant College Program Act provides NOAA with authority to conduct research, extension, education, and communications to achieve a sustainable environment and to encourage the responsible use of America's coastal, ocean, and Great Lakes resources, including support for aquaculture.

1969: National Environmental Policy Act requires NOAA to consider all reasonably foreseeable environmental effects of its proposed actions including potential effects of marine aquaculture facilities.

1972: Coastal Zone Management Act provides for management of the nation's coastal resources, including planning for the siting of pollution control and aquaculture facilities.

1972: Marine Mammal Protection Act requires NOAA to take actions to protect all marine mammals under the Department of Commerce jurisdiction including actions to address potential impacts from marine aquaculture facilities.

1973: Endangered Species Act requires NOAA to take various actions to protect and recover all threatened and endangered species under the Department of Commerce. This includes actions to address potential impacts from marine aquaculture facilities.

1980: National Aquaculture Act established the policy that it is our nation's interest, and it is the national policy to encourage the development of aquaculture in the United States. Under this act, the Secretary of Commerce is authorized to provide advisory, educational, and technical assistance and to encourage the implementation of aquaculture technology in rehabilitation and enhancement of publicly owned fish and shellfish stocks, and in the development of private commercial aquaculture enterprises.

1985: National Aquaculture Improvement Act amended one section of the national aquaculture act. (3) Section 2 (a)(7) of the National Aquaculture Act of 1980, 16 U.S.C. 2801, was amended by this act by inserting "scientific" before "economic", and by inserting "the lack of supportive government policies" immediately after management information.

1996: Magnuson-Stevens Act requires NOAA to review activities in marine waters that may impact managed species or fish habitats. Aquaculture facilities are subject to review under this act.

updated 1-Aug-2007

Authorizes NOAA fisheries research and development projects. NOAA authority for research and education Requires NOAA to consider environmental effects. Requires NOAA to protect endangered species. Requires NOAA to take actions to protect all marine mammals. Authorizes Secretary of Commerce to encourage aquaculture. Ammends 1980 Act to include 'science' and 'policy'. Requires NOAA to review impacts on managed species and stocks.