Natural Resources - Living Marine Resources

NOEP presents the Living Marine Resources database, a repository of information about the landed weights and values for the U.S. commercial marine fisheries and mariculture industries, with data provided by the National Marine Fisheries Service.

Walleye Pollock largest catch since 1989Walleye pollock has been the most harvested fish by weight in the US since 1989 with 1.9 billion pounds landed in 2010 worth $253 million.

NOEP's Top Ten Species search pages provide an easy way to locate, by region, state, and year, the species of living marine resources that have had the greatest economic influence since 1950. Track the top species harvests with the species history feature.

Need Commercial Landings Data for major fish species? These NOEP fisheries search pages provide the landed weight and value for all marine and Great Lakes states since 1950. A graphical species catch history is also available.

The Top Fishing Ports database contains the annual weights and values of fish products landed at the major U.S. ports since 1981. Port production histories and graphs are also available.

The Mariculture industry data are available at the national level, along with aquaculture terms and links, and background information on U.S. aquaculture legislation.

updated 28-Mar-2012